Sunday, April 18, 2010

Apple Core

Courtney used to be one of my bestest friends, I mean we're still friends now, but ever since our drama studio broke up we went our seperate ways. Core is so small, cute, funny, and such a great actor.

Here are some of our inside jokes (some of them include Kandice):
-"I'm stuck in the slide HELP!" - Little gun boy at Cici's - You like crabby patties dont you squidward. - Look its a UFO - Wait why am I at this ghetto sockhop - "Your 24!" JL&M audition - Shutter(thats french) - Charlie I have the amulet charlie sparkles sparkles - Milk Takes - Ayy Patchooko - Does ur mom brush ur teeth for you too? -Daninino Dan-Dani ninio -insab(the letter) -mcoy circle of life - maybe it is and maybe it isnt -HElP HELP COURTNEY yeah -Hope you "chair"ish. - In the summer time when the weather is hot u can jump right in you can jump right out in the summer time we'll me swimmin we'll be swimmin in the sea we'll be happy livin in our own philosphy(perfectly in chorus) - Beary!!! - Yeah our food...(our food gets here)(complete silence) - My eye is always half closed hey look like Holly!- Coutney we almost ran over a deer! what deer?- hey i'll add you on facebook. corrtney you have a facebook? no- what if we dont like cinnimon rolls? we have bread. - i want chocolate! - i love pixie stixs pixie stix - we are sims

haha oh gosh, the times. I LOVE YOU CORE!

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