Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Kaylie is my "Does this mean...?" friend. She's also blind and deaf...in the play that is. Kaylie and I met during musical at our high school and now we are friends. She's pretty ridiculous but she makes me laugh and she's freakin pretty. Oh and if your wondering what it means when i say shes my "Does this mean..?" friend, well i can't quite explian that to you. My favorite time i've had with her was when I was supposed to go back to the high school with Chels and Nate but I left with Kaylie and Abriel and I called Chels to tell her they left me and they began to drive back for me and then I called and told them just kidding...hahaha it was freakin hilarious!!! Those were fun times. Does this mean Kaylie's going to read this and laugh too?

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