Monday, March 15, 2010

Laura Beth

Laura Beth is my one and only sister. She just got married on March 13th and that day, was a good day. My sister is very...colorful. She is so silly and goofy and reminds me of the fish off of Chicken Little. She knows how to have fun but also gives the best advice. She's very blunt but in the end maybe it's best that she is. She was always my big sister so I did everything she told me too haha. We have spent all of our lives together so everyday, every vacation, every everything was an adventure. Thru good times and bad, such as sticking me between vending machines, giving me big giant lifesize bears, and screaming at bugs, shes always been there for me. Shes the best sister ever and I love her.

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  1. aw so you too! But fish on chicken little! really? that's the best character you could come up with :P