Sunday, March 21, 2010

Postage Stamps

Jake is my best friend. I met him my freshmen year. It all started when i joined the percussion. He was the flirt of the percussion but also "the coach", as the percussion guys liked to call him. I played a piece of the insturment he played, but I played that piece better then him lol. If I had never been put in the percussion I never would have met him. But i've learned that without him...i'm nothing. He is pretty ridiculous but... so am I, and thats probably why we are best friends. He's always playing tennis, renting redbox movies, and trying to rap. Jake is an amazing guy that is really funny and really adorable and I can't help but love him...he is the best guy friend I could ever ask for. My life would suck without him and I love my Jacob David Stamps.

P.S. His birthday is May 6th not 7th :)

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